We are a small, home-based recording/videography/studio situated in the countryside outside Castledawson. We began “sessions in the house” for fun. After some years we realised we could help a lot of the less publicised music artists, singer/songwriters and musicians, by producing free music videos that they could share for self-promotion.

We believe everyone loses when uniquely talented artists are unable to share their gifts with the world and we have a treasure of them in Ireland, and abroad.
It wasn’t so long until word got out, and our Facebook and YouTube pages were growing an audience who were hungry for quality, new music. And while popularity is not our objective, we do seek the discerning music lover who appreciates the importance of cultivating good music.

Meantime, demand from artist to do sessions, became overwhelming. If we were to get through so many artists, we would have to charge something to cover the amount of time required to create them all. But, the dilemma of wanting to help the ones we started out to help, was still there. Those artists couldn’t afford that. The solution we came to was this! – we would continue to do twelve free session videos per year (although in reality, we do many more) for those artists who really need them; on dates when we have free studio time, and for the more established artists, who want music videos recorded at their own convenience, we would charge a fee. This fee subsidizes our time out from our respective jobs, to create these videos. Most artists are happy with this arrangement as they receive a professional service in a homely supportive environment, at a fraction of what it would generally cost, elsewhere, while allowing us to continue helping those, whom we initially set out to help.

We are continually focused on improving sound & video quality which means a more professional product for our clients. Looking back, it is quite amazing how far things have progressed since the days when we started recording with a small £40.00 camera, until today where we are producing broadcast quality music videos and albums for some of Ireland’s finest musicians.

Our goal is to keep producing free music videos for those who need them most while building a community of artists who will help one another through sharing, support, encouragement and collaboration. Also, we are trying to grow some small intimate local gigs, where artists are paid fairly, to play their original work to an audience who are genuinely interested in listening to new music and the stories behind their creation.

This community of artists, assist one another however they can. Promotion is one of those things, everyone understands the difficulty of self-promotion. There are numerous ways to help each other – sharing gig dates, attending gigs, buying each others work, writing reviews, referring artists to venues, telling your friends about the great band you heard last night, standing in for each other in times of difficulty, teaching each other, respectful, constructive criticism of each other work with suggested improvements, supporting music pages, and just being a friend to someone. If you can do any of these things, selflessly, then we would love you to be a part of the tribe and we will do all we can to help you.

Other services

  • Full recording, production, engineering and mixing/mastering services.
  • Full CD/DVD cover design, graphics, photography/digital art service.