Sessions in the House, the coolest talents in music

In the following weeks, I hope to introduce you to our artists and give you a little more insight into their music. But, in the meantime, I thought it would be an idea if we introduced ourselves, to begin with.

My husband’s name is Joseph Murray (Joe) and he is the producer/studio engineer and fixer-upper of all broken things. Joe does his best to make sure all our guest artists sound as good as they can, and to make their session as enjoyable as possible.

Joe Murray

My name is Donna Murray and I am mostly to be found behind the camera, shooting video or making/drinking coffee and on occasion, both at once. I can also help you out with photography, CD design, and graphics.

Donna Murray

I feel its only right that I should introduce you to the third member of our family since it is likely she will be the first to greet you at the door. Her name is Ash and although she looks bold and ferocious she is actually very sweet natured and loves meeting new people. Ash lives inside with us. She tolerates our faults and flaws and in return, we put up with her almost constant shedding but we are rewarded with companionship and entertainment from morning until night. I other words, we really hope you like dogs.


We hope you will drop in with us often and we will try to keep you updated with some of the coolest talents in music.

4 thoughts on “Sessions in the House, the coolest talents in music”

  1. Originally Hector’s House Internet Radio.
    Now Triangle Internet Radio NI.
    Congratulations on your new website.
    As an avid follower of Sessions In The House I look forward to seeing more videos of the artists you have worked with. (A few of whom I know very well). Excellent video and sound quality. Top marks. Keep up the good work guys.
    Regards RC

  2. Hi there from Lowestoft UK. Just discovered your Sessions in the house songs and really love what you both do. As a fellow musician, (amateur), I think your Trouble in the Fields and Killing the Blues versions are the best I’ve heard. Do you have any recordings of these, other than those on video on youtube? Keep up the good work.

    Steve Lowestoft UK 27//10/19

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